Aircraft Charters


  • Applies to chartering, contracting, or hiring of aircraft for University business by University personnel and NCAA Division I athletics.
    • Chartering and payment for nonuniversity personnel (including guests and speakers) isn't permitted.
  • Requirements do not apply for regularly scheduled flights.


  1. Department provides proposed aircraft details to Risk Management or Central Procurement.
  2. Risk Management determines the limits of Aviation Liability Insurance for the department to forward to the aircraft operator.
  3. If the aircraft operator meets the University’s requirements, the department submits the following to Risk Management, which may be directed to Central Procurement for a purchase order:
    1. Agreement
    2. Certificate of Insurance


  • Aircraft use is evaluated individually, and the Aircraft Liability Insurance limits are set as appropriate.
    • General Liability insurance policies exclude aircraft.
  • Include a waiver of subrogation and the Certificate of Insurance must list below as additional insured
    • The Pennsylvania State University
      c/o Risk Management Office
      227 West Beaver Ave., Suite 103
      State College, PA 16801
  • Risk Management verifies the Certificate of Insurance is acceptable or responds with deficiencies before signing a contract, issuing a purchase order, or flying. 



Risk Management

Central Procurement Buyer