Plan Your Trip

Select your booking method to help you, a guest, or a coworker get where you need to go. 

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SAP Concur Travel OnLion

Penn State's 24/7 tool for discounted flights, vehicles, and hotels. Travelers' purchasing card expenses are automatically captured in SAP Concur.

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Anthony Travel

Partner with our dedicated account experts for deep discounts and zero booking fees to save you time with 24/7 trip assistance, including group travel for 10 or more passengers

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International Travel

Find out how where to get your travel documents, how to record your trip before departing, and where to submit tax refunds.

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Reimbursement Rates

Budget and determine what forms and receipts to submit.

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View Penn State's Travel Policies.

*Check with your administrative area for procedures impacting travel and reimbursement. If you work with an outside travel agency, investigate, book early, read the fine print for hidden fees, and do your homework to know their customer support policy.