Athletic Tournaments


Two options exist for high school and junior high school students using a Penn State space for a tournament. 


Organization must

Penn State

  • Campus Chancellor approves the event to be sponsored by the University.
  • Campus remains in control of the university-sponsored event
  • Campus complies with AD39 Minors Involved in University-Sponsored Programs or Programs Held at the University and/or Housed in University Facilities (which includes background checks and mandated reporter training for all University employees and volunteers).
  • Participation includes teams from high school/junior high school or formal organizations.
    • Individuals are not permitted to enter a university-sponsored tournament. Instead, it must be a formal team entering the tournament.
      • Organizations sign a University Tournament Participation Agreement, which can be obtained by emailing [email protected]
  • No evidence of insurance is required by entering teams.
  • No individual waivers are required because it is not an individual participating, but an Organization’s team and the Tournament Participation Agreement will be signed.
  • Campus arranges EMTs and Physical Trainers for the tournament. 
  • Campus provides certified referees.
  • Campus works with campus Police Services to determine security needs.


*Recognized Student Organizations are not permitted to be a sponsor.


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