Billing and Payment

Set up your preferred payment method and know what to include on your invoice. 


Suppliers must register in PaymentWorks before filling orders or shipping goods or services. 

Itemized invoices* must include:

  • Business or supplier name
  • Invoice date
  • Purchase order number
  • Remit to address
  • Line items (quantity and price) match purchase order
  • Invoice number (if applicable)
Invoice on a computer screen

*A purchasing card transaction doesn’t require a supplier invoice, as suppliers provide cardholders with an itemized receipt or a priced packing slip.


Submit your invoice according to the Invoicing Terms and Conditions.

Payment Methods

After registering and connecting, set up your preferred method in PaymentWorks.

Payment Status

View instructions on how to view an invoice after you log in to PaymentWorks. 

Payments are delayed if an invoice doesn't match the purchase order quantity or price, or a Penn Stater hasn't submitted a goods confirmation. If payment doesn't arrive according to your payment terms, contact [email protected].


What if my country uses an IBAN?

Please enter your IBAN in the PaymentWorks IBAN section and determine your bank account number.