International Travel

Get your travel documents, record your trip, and submit for tax refunds.

Travel passports on a world map ready for any exotic destination


Visit Penn State's Multimedia and Print Center for a renewal or first-time application.

American Visa in the passport closeup.


Use the account number for discounted legal documents from our preferred supplier. 

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Value Added Tax

University employees who travel to participating European Union countries should learn more about Penn State's VAT policy and follow the reclamation process for national sales tax on goods and services. 

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Tour Providers

Select the tour category and get ready for the contract review. 


Personal Travel

Travelers should follow policy TR02 when combining business and leisure.

Who should I notify if I’m traveling internationally?

To help ensure legitimate purchasing card transactions are approved, please notify PNC Bank by calling the number on the back of your card in advance of your trip.

Travelers must login to the Travel Safety Network to record the trip before departing.