• Liquid cryogens supplier.


PSU Contract Purchase Order

  • Login SIMBA>Purchasing>Shop OnLion>Shop>PSU Contracts>
    • Type Matheson as the Keyword and click Search.

      • Optional: Filter by the Product Group.

      • View the Products page(s) at the bottom of the screen in List View.  

    • Find the product in the List View page(s) and click the Select box. 

    • The COC are the products for Customer-Owned Container “short description”. 

    • Click the shopping cart icon to Add to Cart. 

    • Click View Cart. 

      • Change Quantity and click Recalculate.  

    • Click Transfer All. 

    • Clear the red flag warnings by entering the budget and delivery date. 

    • Click the left end box to highlight a line in the cart to turn blue. 

    • Click Details to change the view.

      • Account Assignment Tab:  

        • Note: Account Assignment has two options: either use the default category “Cost Center” and enter a 10-digit number or change the category to “Order” and enter a 12-digit number. Please consult with your financial team as to which option is required for your business area. “Order” option example is as follows.  

        • Click the down arrow to change the Account Assignment Category to Order. 

        • Enter the 12-digit budget in the Assign Number column.  

        • Hit enter to populate other boxes in this row with the relevant budget info, like description. 

      • Notes and Attachments Tab: 

        • Click on Supplier Text to enter the following information in the dialog box.  

          • End user name 

          • End user email 

          • End user phone number 

          • Dock or room delivery 

          • Frequency of delivery 

          • Auto orders request: What day of the week? 

          • Delivery date request 

          • Any additional Special Notes: 

        • Note: If your business area requires the Purpose of Purchase to be completed, please ensure to click that tab and include your who, what, when, where, and why details in the dialog box.   

        • Click OK. 

      • Delivery Address Tab: 

        • On the second line, next to C/O, enter your name. 

        • If your lab is already in your profile settings, it’s listed as building on this screen. Or click the little boxes on the first line to bring up the search Criteria. Change the search criteria to Building Code – contains – then type in your lab area and click the search button. Your lab should be listed below. Clicking on that will take you back to the Address screen. 

    • After completing the three tabs, go to the top and click Check to see if the cart has no errors with the green check mark. 

    • Click Next (at upper left) to complete the shopping cart (step 3). 

    • Click Edit to change the name of the shopping cart and add your name, date, or product ordered. 

    • Click Order. 


  • Nitrogen and In-stock Items 
    • 2 p.m. cut-off for next-day delivery 
  • Liquid Helium 
    • 7 business day turnaround for Tuesday and Thursday delivery 

View the Procurement Search Tool for:

  • allowable payment options
  • frequently used general ledgers
  • policies, regulations, and notes


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Order Entry and Billing

Brent Smith 
[email protected] 

On Campus End-user Support 

Bill Rickard 
[email protected] 

Central Procurement Buyer

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