Software Request Checklist

Before submitting a Software Request Form, plan to answer questions and allow time for approvals. 

Form Questions

When completing the Software Request Form, plan to answer the following questions.

  • Has Penn State's Accessibility Team reviewed the software to determine if it meets Policy AD69 Accessibility of Electronic and Information Technology?
  • Will the software, support documentation, and/or associated data files be accessed remotely by the user outside the United States?
  • Will any information classified as High or Restricted (per policy AD95) be manipulated, stored, or managed?
  • Where will the software be accessed, transmitted, or stored?
    • Cloud-based or supplier-hosted (external to Penn State)
    • Locally installed (resides on Penn State hardware (e.g., laptop, desktop, server))
    • Other (please explain)
  • Will any Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) data be manipulated, stored, or managed?
  • Will data be exchanged between this software and any enterprise university information technology resources or systems?
    • Student Information System "LionPATH"
    • Office of Human Resources system "WorkLion"
    • Financial System "SIMBA"
    • Learning Management System "Canvas"


Allow time for compliance partner reviews and approvals. 


Requesters are encouraged to coordinate an internal review and approval by Accessibility and Usability to ensure software meets Policy AD 69 Accessibility of Electronic and Information Technology requirements. 

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Export Compliance Notice

All software and related support documentation that will be transmitted, shipped, sent, or taken outside of the continental US or accessed remotely from a location outside of the continental US must first be reviewed by the University Export Control Office to ensure compliance with applicable US export control regulations. Requesters should contact [email protected] for this review. 

Other Compliance Partners

Central Procurement initiates internal reviews below depending on the type of software.


Courseware may require additional information and reviews.


Approval by the Export Compliance may be required.


Approval by Security Operations may be required per Policy AD 95 Information Assurance and IT Security to classify data.


Approval for integrations or enhancements may be required.


Approval by Merchant Management may be required to process credit cards or PayPal transactions. 


Connect with an IT software buyer about specific software questions or a status update.

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