Foreign Entity Registration Guide

Penn State partners with PaymentWorks to onboard new suppliers.

This guide provides examples of registration questions.   

Completing the Application

If you need to exit the application, you may hit 'Save and Exit' at the bottom of the page.

Once you are ready to complete the application, you may resume where you left off.  

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Tax Information

Business type, name, and classification

Select that you are registering as a Corporation.

What if I have tax-related questions?

All tax-related questions should be directed to either the supplier's tax professional or to [email protected].

Screenshot of foreign entity tax information in PaymentWorks application

W-8BEN or W-9

Download IRS form W-8BEN-E, complete it, and upload it to the application. 

What should I do if I am having trouble loading the form?

Contact the Help Center.

Screenshot of W-8BEN-E information in PaymentWorks application


If you do not have a Data universal numbering system (DUNS) or Unique Entity ID (UEI), please skip selecting.

Screenshot of DUNS in PaymentWorks application
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Company Information

Provide a valid phone number and email.

PaymentWorks will call this number to validate banking information. It is best to use a number at which you can be easily accessed. 

Screenshot of company information in PaymentWorks application

Primary Address

Provide your legal, physical address as listed on your W-8BEN-E.

Screenshot of primary address in PaymentWorks application.

Remittance Address

Provide an address to receive payment and possible tax forms if the location differs from your primary address—for example, a PO box.

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Additional Information

Supplier Category

Select International Entity.

Screenshot of supplier category in PaymentWorks application


This field requires an answer. If it isn't applicable, enter N/A.

Screenshot of NAICS Codes in the PaymentWorks application.

Cage Codes

This field requires an answer. If it isn't applicable, enter N/A.

Screenshot of cage codes in PaymentWorks application. Site

If it isn't applicable, please use the drop-down and select 'no'. 

Screenshot of in PaymentWorks application.

Purchase Order Information

If you select "Yes", additional fields populate should you wish the purchase order to be emailed to a preferred email account and if the address listed on the purchase order differs from the primary. 

Screenshot of accepting purchase orders in PaymentWorks application

Conflict of Interest

Read the questions and provide the most appropriate response. 

Screenshot of conflict of interest in PaymentWorks application.
Screenshot of conflict of interest in PaymentWorks application.

Comment Box

Use the comment box to explain any Conflict of Interest questions you answered with "Yes" or any other information on the form you feel needs clarification. 

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Banking Information

Payment Method

Select Wire if you want to receive a direct deposit to an International Bank.

This must be a beneficiary bank and not an intermediary.

The applicant's name must appear as the name on the bank account.

Screenshot of payment method in PaymentWorks application.

Account Number

If your bank does not use a routing number, enter your bank's address first down below and then add your account information.

Bank Validation File

A bank validation document must be provided. 

Screenshot of bank validation in PaymentWorks application.

Bank Authorization

Read the statement and check the box if you agree for Penn State to deposit money into your account. 

Screenshot of bank authorization in PaymentWorks application.

Bank Address

Provide the address for your financial institution.

Screenshot of bank address in PaymentWorks application.

What's Next?

Once an application is submitted:

  1. PaymentWorks reviews the application. You may receive a phone call to verify bank details.
  2. The application flows into the Penn State Supplier Administration Team's queue for review. 
  3. An automatic email confirms the approval once the application is reviewed and approved. 

Review generally takes multiple business days, but timing varies depending on the accuracy of the submitted information and current application volume. 


Search the help center, submit a ticket, or connect with the supplier admin team.

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