Procurement Search Tool Available

Central Procurement is excited to announce the release of a new, interactive, user-friendly Procurement Search Tool as of November 16, 2022. The SIMBA general ledger accounts and payment decision matrix, which was previously located on GURU, has been replaced with an electronic search tool that includes product category searching and searches for procurement buyers.

The Procurement Search Tool provides customers with a “one-stop shop” of search capabilities that are easy to navigate, as opposed to the previous system which required manual look-up. By making it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for, the new tool will help to better alleviate confusion regarding which product and general ledger categories customers should utilize and will allow Penn State units and staff to find answers on their best options for making a work-related purchase. 

Users of the new Procurement Search Tool have multiple ways to help them find the information they need; The search functionality allows several different avenues to search for information, including by item keywords that utilize the product codes defined by the UNSPSC, General Ledgers (GLs), product category numbers, purchasing agent, and by standing contracts, as well as filters and lists categorized information; users can even add GLs and product categories to their “favorites”  for ease of use!

The new tool incorporates the information within the previous decision matrix and provides information on obtaining a desired item and any caveats that may apply to purchase the product. Information such as buyer-associated products, GLs, decisions, contracts, rules & regulations, and product categories are all now visible in one screen or area of the tool, rather than having to “click away” to see each detail the user needs - making it much faster and easier to find the necessary buying information. This will ultimately help to guide customers to the most efficient way to purchase what is needed. As staff utilize the tool more and gain familiarity, this will streamline and expedite purchasing, as outreach and coordination between units will no longer be necessary. Additionally, having a universal tool will eliminate the need for internal customers at the university to update personal databases, as the product information in the tool is live and will be continually updated as changes occur within Central Procurement. 

To use the new Procurement Search Tool, users only need to be a Penn State Employee with an access ID account. To get help using the new tool beginning November 16, users can contact [email protected] for assistance.