Purchasing Card Settlement

SAP Concur is the reimbursement system for goods and services and travel expenses. 


Personal Purchases

Personal purchases are prohibited and not reimbursed on the Purchasing Card.

Unauthorized Purchase

Immediately call PNC Bank to report the card as lost/stolen. You should then inform your finance office and file a dispute with PNC Bank to receive credits for the unauthorized purchases. You have 60 days from the transaction date to file a dispute with PNC Bank

Anchor Destination

CentreSuite Registration

  1. Use Firefox or Chrome as the browser.
  2. Go to CentreSuite.
  3. Clear cache and cookies. 
  4. Click “Not registered”.
  5. Enter the pcard number as the Account Number. 
  6. Match the name exactly as it appears on the card. 
  7. Type the Penn State ID that starts with a 9.